Are your own teeth no longer complete? Then dentures are an excellent solution. At this can be done in various ways. We advise you about this.

Partial dentures

Is it not yet necessary to replace all your teeth? Then we recommend partial dentures. This is attached to your existing teeth with anchors.

Full dentures

Is it time to replace your complete dentures? Then you can come to us for full dentures. Indistinguishable from real teeth.

How painful is dentures?

We understand that you are wondering whether you can expect a lot of pain with dentures or whether it is not that bad. That's why we are always so pleased when you express your anxiety. Then we take it into account. Depending on the type of dentures you get, we are happy to share the experiences of others with you.

We also think about the finances

We don't want to put you in financial difficulty. So if we recommend dentures and the cost is too high for you, please let us know. We will come up with an alternative solution that fits your budget. We are also happy to tell you more about your (additional) health insurance coverage. We know exactly which insurance reimburses which amount for which treatment. A full denture is almost completely covered by the basic insurance. A partial denture is only largely reimbursed from the supplementary dental insurance.

What about health insurance?
  • Full dentures above and/or below are largely covered by basic insurance.
  • Thus, you do not need separate dental insurance for this purpose.
  • You may still pay deductibles and co-payments, depending on your situation.



Outside of regular business hours, please call the affiliated dental office for acute pain.

Latest News

Follow the latest updates here is always looking for opportunities to keep developing. And with all new plans we first ask ourselves: will this benefit the patient? Often the answer is a resounding yes! What we have implemented? All news items and developments can be read here. TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner

Recently, our practices have been equipped with a TRIOS 3 D digital mouth scanner. From now on we can make facets, crowns and small bridges without using impression pastes. The use of the scanner allows us to create a 3D model. A lot of comfort for patients and for employees it is fun to work with the new developments.