A denture in one treatment, it can be done!


A year ago, Smilemakerz was founded by Jorn Varwijk. A prosthodontist who wanted to work with dentures in an innovative way. The company distinguishes itself by working completely digitally and therefore manufacturing dentures quickly and with high quality and precision. In one treatment from natural teeth to dentures: it is possible, using 3D technology. Recently hello.smile has digital mouth scanners and this shortened treatment path is therefore possible. In Hengelo we do this together with our dental lab.

In Eibergen we go one step further: Smilemakerz works from our facility and in the trajectories we start, under the leadership of one of our dentists, we actively seek cooperation in order to achieve the best result together.


Collaboration Smilemakerz & hellosmile
The oral scanner and 3D printer
Advancing technologies in the still often traditional world of dentistry are taking off. Take the oral scanner and the 3D printer, which are used to develop dentures with extreme precision. Patients we have already helped find it cool to be introduced to this technology. Does the patient still want shorter front teeth? No problem. It is no longer necessary to completely disassemble teeth and touch them up by hand. In a digital system, we make small adjustments with the greatest of ease, after which the 3D printer produces the denture.
Incidentally, the cost of dentures developed this way is no higher than that of "regular" dentures. At least 75 percent of a full denture is covered under the basic insurance in most situations.
'Dreaded' plaster cast

Since the advent of the oral scanner, the often "dreaded" plaster cast is a thing of the past. A small camera in the mouth records the condition of the teeth and the position of the jaws. Meanwhile, the patient can watch on a monitor. This can be confrontational but at the same time encourages action. It provides insight into the need for treatment and helps explain a treatment plan. The possibilities are endless.