Oral Hygiene

The prevention assistants and dental hygienists at hello.smile can help you further if you suffer from tartar, bleeding gums or gingivitis. But preferably, we prevent it.

Tartar removal is important

Sometimes we get questions from people who say they don't suffer from tartar. So why do we remove it anyway? We don't just do it because it doesn't look pretty when you have tartar. Oral health is literally connected to the rest of the body. That's why it's so important to remove tartar early on. Because it makes you a healthier person.

What about bleeding gums?

The space between the teeth and gums is called pockets. Too deep pockets are a sign of inadequate oral care and/or poor oral health. Often this is difficult for you as a patient to recognize in the early stages. After some time you may notice that your gums bleed from time to time or you may notice a less fresh breath. Intervention in time is then important.

At your checkup, your gums will be assessed and given a PPS score. This score is generally not intended to diagnose, but to detect certain conditions, in this case gingivitis and periodontitis. Thus, it indicates whether more examination is needed, from which a possible diagnosis and treatment may result.

The difference between the prevention assistant and the dental hygienist.

Our prevention assistants have completed a prevention course and are trained to treat pockets up to 3 mm. They are only authorized to treat patients with PPS score 1. Therefore, for tartar removal, you will be referred to the prevention assistant. The dental hygienist has completed a 4-year college education and specializes in curing gum disease. When there are deeper pockets, you are referred to the dental hygienist.

Is treatment by a prevention assistant or dental hygienist covered?

Most health insurance companies cover treatment by a prevention assistant or dental hygienist, others do not. We are happy to advise you on this. The cost of your treatment depends on your situation. We always think with you, also financially.



Outside of regular business hours, please call the affiliated dental office for acute pain.

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hello.smile is always looking for opportunities to keep developing. And with all new plans we first ask ourselves: will this benefit the patient? Often the answer is a resounding yes! What we have implemented? All news items and developments can be read here.

hello.smile TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner

Recently, our practices have been equipped with a TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner. From now on we can make facets, crowns and small bridges without using impression pastes. The use of the scanner allows us to create a 3D model. A lot of comfort for patients and for employees it is fun to work with the new developments.