Many parents fear having to pay for the dental costs
of their children

There is still a fair share of youth who lack the necessary preventive oral care. So outlines our industry association KNMT (Royal Dutch Dental Association) this week. Figures from Vektis show that more than half (56.6%) of 2- and 3-year-olds will not have visited the dentist by 2021. Also, research by Pharos in 2022 shows that almost one in five children do not visit the dentist. This contributes to 2 in 3 children having at least one cavity before their 18th birthday. This really could be better. That's why the prevention campaign "Your child's teeth, we'll take care of that together!" will launch at the end of May.

The aim of this KNMT campaign is to promote preventive dental visits by children up to 18 years of age and to encourage self-care of children's teeth at home. The campaign also aims to increase parents' awareness of the fact that oral care for children up to 18 years of age is reimbursed from basic insurance.

'Your child's teeth, we'll take care of them together!'

The House of Representatives is calling for the return of the school dentist. However, the KNMT indicates that it is much more important that children receive a "home dentist" as early as possible. From we have decided to at least enroll children earlier than we used to. Only then can we follow children more actively and help where we can to prevent problems. After all, learning new behavior is easier than creating behavior change. So the idea of focusing on prevention early with toddlers makes sense. And fair is fair. Many of us are parents, too, and don't think that giving help with brushing is always a treat and is always and was always appreciated with our happy toddlers. However, it is indeed important to learn the right things and not give up. And we are happy to help with that.

We sometimes notice parents frowning when we talk about prevention and brushing lessons. They sometimes ask whether this is not a very commercial approach. A separate appointment for my child; is this really necessary? The answer is yes! It is necessary. Often it is. And if it's not necessary, we don't suggest it. Children who have pristine teeth and brush well deserve nothing but compliments. And that's what they get. Often, however, children are golden. Just the other day when a father asked the question and his son looked at him and honestly confessed that he could really do better and that he wasn't doing so well yet. And not every day, either.

Taking children to the oral care provider at an early age can prevent a lot of pain and fear of the dentist. The positive experiences of the very youngest children's dental visits have beneficial effects, and they are sure to be long-term.

We want to pay more attention to children with our new website.

We have launched a kids page with our new children's mascot Buddy and are also exploring with third parties how we can do our part even better. Do you have a fun idea? Let us know!