hello.smile has three locations in eastern Netherlands with close-knit treatment teams. And with great attention to you as a patient. We want to provide high-quality care and take a personal approach.

At hello.smile Eibergen, the treatment team consists of four dentists, two dental hygienists and prevention assistants.

May I choose?

You decide which practitioner you will be scheduled with. In Eibergen dentists Bert Harm, Regien, Justyna and Bibi and dental hygienists Elisabeth and Mariëlle work with you. We find a personal approach very important. Therefore, we try to schedule you with the same practitioner as much as possible. Bert Harm does not schedule new patients. He does treat his existing patients (hopefully for years to come). Please let us know if you prefer to be treated by a colleague. This can also be an argument because of treatment time. We understand that a click with a practitioner must be good and is sometimes a bit difficult to explain. You can always approach us about this. Gladly even.

We like to think

We work with Zorgsom. This is a software tool for dentists and dental hygienists. Zorgsom calculates which part of an oral care treatment you as a patient will be reimbursed for under your basic, supplementary and dental insurance policies. With the help of these indications, we can properly inform you about the costs of the treatment plan and clarify what you have to contribute yourself. The budget we give you can always be discussed with your insurer, so you know exactly what to expect. Is a budget not sufficient for you or do you still have questions about treatment? Ask our therapists for more information or alternatives.



Outside of regular business hours, please call the affiliated dental office for acute pain.

hello.smile TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner

Recently, our practices have been equipped with a TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner. From now on we can make facets, crowns and small bridges without using impression pastes. The use of the scanner allows us to create a 3D model. A lot of comfort for patients and for employees it is fun to work with the new developments.