General dentistry

We collect under the term dentistry the "standard" things people think of when they think of the dentist. For example, filling cavities, solving nerve problems and pulling teeth or (wisdom) molars. All with the goal of making sure you have healthy teeth again.

Recommendation: twice a year check-up

Nothing is mandatory in dentistry. You decide what happens to your teeth. But we do recommend that you come in twice a year for a checkup of your teeth. Then we can often get there in time to intervene before you develop problems.

Do you already have complaints? Let us know and we'll see how we can best help you get rid of them.

Modern composite fillings

Those gray amalgam fillings of yesteryear? We haven't made those for years. If you have a cavity now, we use composite to make a filling that matches the shape and color of the rest of your teeth. So that no one sees that your teeth have been repaired.

We have created a separate page for crowns and bridges: More about crowns and bridges.

Afraid of the dentist? We think with you

Many people are afraid of the dentist. This is also because pain in the teeth is experienced differently than pain in any other part of the body. At we always listen to how you experience the situation. For example, are you afraid of the needle or the pain of the treatment? Then we will take the time to help you so that it feels right for you to be treated.

What about health insurance?
  • Basic insurance covers the cost of surgical dental care, x-ray examinations and removable dentures.
  • For people over 18, periodic check-ups are not included in the basic package.
  • Basic insurance covers special dental care (including orthodontics and implants) if there is a serious (developmental) disorder or abnormality of the mouth.
  • Supplemental dental insurance is recommended if you expect to incur substantial dental expenses. Generally speaking, you will be cheaper.
  • For all dental expenses eligible for reimbursement under your supplementary dental insurance, there is no deductible. However, a co-payment often applies, so you do have to pay a portion yourself.

However you are insured, we always think with you based on your personal situation.

We are happy to answer your questions

Did you come home after your visit to and new questions suddenly pop into your head about dentistry? Then feel free to call us, we would be happy to explain them to you.


Outside of regular business hours, please call the affiliated dental office for acute pain.

Latest News

Follow the latest updates here is always looking for opportunities to keep developing. And with all new plans we first ask ourselves: will this benefit the patient? Often the answer is a resounding yes! What we have implemented? All news items and developments can be read here. TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner

Recently, our practices have been equipped with a TRIOS 3D digital mouth scanner. From now on we can make veneers, crowns and bridges without using impression pastes. The use of the scanner enables us to create 3D models. A lot of comfort for patients and a lot of fun for employees to work with the new developments.