Making an appointment online

How does it work?


  1. Request your case number below. We have created an environment for you where you can see what appointment you have already made and through this online environment you can also schedule appointments with us yourself! This is new and therefore a bit exciting for us as well. You can log in by entering your e-mail address and requesting your file number below. You will immediately receive your case number at the e-mail address you provided. This is completely automatic. It is very easy.
  2. With this file number and your e-mail address you will log in. Once you have the case number, you can log in anytime, anywhere. Viewing appointments, rescheduling and scheduling new appointments is very easy.
  3. Say hello! Scheduling appointments is possible for both check-up appointments with the dentist and appointments with the prevention assistant or dental hygienist. Are you unsure whether it's best to schedule an appointment with the prevention assistant or dental hygienist? Feel free to call us.