hello.smile opens a branch in Borculo


In June 1985, Dentist Middelhof received his dental degree from the Free University in Amsterdam. Almost unimaginable now, but there was a dental surplus at the time. So he left for Portugal, where he set up his own practice and worked for about 15 years. In August 2001 he came back to the Netherlands, to Borculo.

He will now retire as a dentist

In 2023, Coen Middelhof will retire for good. Many of his patients grew up and/or grew old in the years they came. Sometimes he saw "the children of" and sometimes even already "the children of the children" ... It's like a fun series on TV that stops and you don't know how everyone ends, is how Coen Middelhof describes it. With great passion, he has dedicated himself and so involved himself in the transition to hello.smile.

Successor: hello.smile

How will it proceed?
1) Patients who still have checkups scheduled until January 1, 2023, will be served by dentist Middelhof. No new checkups will be scheduled with him. However, appointments for next year can already be scheduled. From January there will be a transition to the new hello.smile dentist.
2) From September 2022, dentist Middelhof will finish all started treatments, but will no longer start new treatments.

hello.smile will start treatments from January 2023 from the location at Burgemeester Bloemersstraat 32 in Borculo. Existing patients do not need to be re-registered. Would you like to become a patient? You can. We are still accepting new patients.

For questions regarding this acquisition, please contact the practice in Eibergen at telephone number 0545-471329. They will be happy to assist you by phone. You can also email borculo@hellosmile.nl