How does it work?


  1. Please enter your information here. Your registration request will then be processed and reviewed by one of our staff members. We will do our best to provide you with a response as soon as possible.
  2. Whenever possible, we welcome you to our practice. We notice that our practices are getting busier and busier. You will only have certainty as to whether your enrollment has been successful after we have positively reviewed your enrollment request. It is important that you come to our practice after we have approved your registration and bring your health card and medication history. Then you are enrolled with us and it is important that you indicate to your previous dental practice that they may send your medical records to us. We can't treat you until all data from your previous dentist is received by us. Sending is almost always done digitally (we always send privacy-sensitive information that we exchange electronically through a secure messaging service). It is important that you have this data sent to us so that the correct information is delivered to us and your medical record remains complete. Your history is then also imported into our system including x-rays taken in the past. This often prevents unnecessary costs as well, which saves!
  3. Say hello! Once everything is in, a first check-up appointment with the dentist can be scheduled. Extra time will be scheduled for this (at no extra cost): we feel it is important to get to know you, get a good overview of your medical history and what your dental wishes and expectations are.